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Posted by walking rek on Nov 17, 2007 in laughing rek, living rek

Moved in to the new home. Was the normal pain in the ass to pack up and ship out but well worth it as I sit here over looking the tree lined street from my fabulous new bedroom. I havent moved house in the last 6 years but prior to that I was a regular gypsy so it was nothing too stressful, just heavy. I dont remember accumulating all that extra furniture, kitchen ware, clothing, candles and plants though, and to be honest I could probably chuck a lot of it out. But I might leave that for another day, I am exhausted.

My delightful ex-neighbours sent me off with a barrage of insults hurled from the safety of their second storey flat. I was expecting some kind of childish behaviour from them so it didnt really come as a suprise, they are, after all, just a sad angry couple who are jealous of others less sad and angry then they. I smiled sincerely (I am thrilled to be leaving them behind!), blew a kiss, took a bow and continued packing my car.

I’m guessing they dont yet know about the new born baby who has arrived to live directly next door 😉



Posted by walking rek on Nov 3, 2007 in living rek

The lap of the gods has produced a fine new home for Peggy and I. We will soon be residents of a little suburb called Darlington which shall no doubt become the centre of our universe.

FJ will join us in the new venture as too will Ange, a close friend from work.

I feel really lucky to have landed this place. As usual, the inspection drew a large crowd and fierce competition. The real estate agent tried to bully us into tendering higher rent by saying that other applicants had offered considerably more. I stood my ground and said forget it. 10 minutes later they were ringing to ask us to put our deposit down. LOL!

The move is happening in about 2 weeks.

Peggy hasnt figured out what all the boxes are for yet.

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