when the revolution comes

Posted by walking rek on Jun 28, 2010 in living rek

my increased commute and rekindled love of cooking  has prompted me  to invest in some serious bike luggage. all that yummy homemade vego food takes up a bit of space/weight and my daypack just doesnt cut it anymore.  after consulting with padlock i’m now the proud owner of a pair of uber rad ortlieb panniers. they are fully water proof and could fit a small (brave) child. no more squashed shallots or snapped bunches of celery, I can merrily stash these bad boys full of baguettes and go hurtling down flights of stairs on my way home from the market. WEEEE!

i bought these puppies from cheeky transport. aye, those gruff gents who charged me $20 to tell me that my mad max wheels were a death trap and sent me on my way all those years ago are still in bizness today. anyhow, seems they have  their act together and stock a mean + lean cross section of 2 wheel luggage options.  the guy who sold them to me is a passionate bike man with a cyber punk vision for the future:

Bike guy: Yeh sister, these panniers will serve you well. When the revolution comes, and we are all hanging out down by the water hole swapping supplies, those with Ortliebs will stick together. You can fit a lot of living in these swags. Bike people will have the edge, we are the future.

Me:  Cool.  Do they come in black?


if not better

Posted by walking rek on Jun 11, 2010 in living rek

after another brief yet remarkably smooth transitional period i moved in with nick padlock, my brother’s best mate and total dude. our place has room to swing any number of cats with heaps of sun light and oodles of positive vibes. other appealing features include real garden, inpirational kitchen and designated bike room. hallejulah. no more metal pedals in the shin en route to the front door.
my commute via push bike has been extended to 90 min round trip, daily, bar torrential rain. another big plus. my cardiac fitness is loving that extra effort. coupled with solid asana practice 4-5 times a week and the odd extended session on the slab, i am feeling very stong and flexible indeed.

 i will need it with the upcoming physical and mental tests of india and nepal: i may be called upon to out run a rhino, stare down a bengal tiger or pull myself out of a mudslide/earthquake. given that temps will fluctuate between 33-48 celsius for my inaugural trip i am half considering doing some bikram to get in the zone.  it wasnt my original plan to go during monsoon but heck thems the cards i got dealt so i’m going.

and coming back.  we got  snow peas in the dirt.

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