Fever Las Vegas

Posted by walking rek on Jul 28, 2007 in living rek

I have bronchitis. Coughin up buckets of lung butter and drenching my bed in sweat is not exactly what I call a great Friday nite in.

But as I was tripping lucidly with a funky fever, it was somewhat entertaining at least for a while.


tank man

Posted by walking rek on Jul 18, 2007 in living rek

Last Friday nite a man stole an armoured car and ran riot over Western Sydney. He targetted mobile phone towers and ploughed his mini tank over the top causing mild to extensive damage depending on which report you read. Lots of footage showing him doing circle work and cops running for their lives. Very entertaining.

Turns out that this so-called urban guerilla got shipped to my new flatmate’s work for assessment. My new flatmate is FJ and he works in the psych ward at Silverwater jail. FJ has the honour of interviewing the most wanted man in Sydney and determining if he is a genuine menace to society or just needs someone to talk to.


nerd burger

Posted by walking rek on Jul 17, 2007 in living rek

Ok, time for me to come clean.

My attention has been drawn to the distinct lack of trashy tales on this here bloggerooni. When I started this up back in Feb I had grand visions of punching out witty anecdotes of gig reviews, technicolour spews and designer shoes on a weekly basis. But alas, as you can see by the barren walls of this blog, I havent been terribly diligent about sharing the gritty details of my little city.

As my loyal public, you should know that I have dropped down a gear on the Wheel of Party. I have shelved my Friday Form at least until late Spring. Sorry. I do intend to step up again come warmer months, but for now I am trying something different. I have gone back to school and as a result have no fckn time to party and run amok let alone compose wordy and narcissistic poems to myself.

I’ve been spending my Saturdays moonlighting as a conscientious student. Whilst this state of being has never come naturally to me, I have found once again that the best disguise is to pump yourself full of some caffeine product and hover through the day like a bumble bee. In conjunction with spectacles and a prepacked lunch, I have fooled my teacher and classmates into thinking I am one of their brainy brood. I even stage a few well rehearsed moments of clarity on cue to keep the game going for my own amusement, so it aint all doom and gloom.

But, beware. I almost blew my cover a few weeks back when I rocked up feelin seedy after an extended sesion at the Duke the nite prior. Heavy duty. I am pretty sure there were some suspicious side long glances in my direction when my head made contact with the desk on the way down. Needless to say I think I pulled it together and have resolved to never, ever load up the nite before. Class is hard enough without a hangover. Even when you have done your homework.

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