Scotland the Rave

Posted by walking rek on Jun 19, 2006 in dancing rek

Ok, made it to the other side of the weekend that was Skye Music Festival, held on a old airstrip next to the ocean and did it fckn rain or what!

Fri nite was a proper rave alright….and i’m not talking about gabba, techno or happy hard…i’m talking aboot ACID HOUSE all nite long. Man… it was mad.

Sat hi-lite was mos def the Cuban Brothers who are the supreme entertainers.

Just saw the world famous Leopard Man from Skye who lives as a hermit with his loin cloth in a cave. Actually I saw him twice today. He was checkin out my beanie. Locals tell me that they thought he had died last winter as noone had seen him for about a year. I feel graced to have seen him at all, let alone twice in one day, not to mention that his eyes almost popped outta his head when he saw the explosion of wool on my noggin.

When I figure out how to upload a picture I’ll insert one here…


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