Playgrounder 07 – inaugural edition

Posted by walking rek on Apr 5, 2007 in living rek

Playground was lots of fun. We camped for 3 days: got there mid afternoon on Friday, left on Monday mid morning.

I thoroughly enjoyed the line-up (esp !!! and Who Made Who),the venue and facilities were pretty well organised,the variety and quality of food was great and the market stalls were kooky enough to keep me amused when the urge took hold. I never had to queue for showers/loo/cocktails and the weather was fab. Did yoga on the sat morning and made instant friends with a bunch of strangers who we kept seeing over next few days which was nice. There were loads of British people too which was rather novel. It felt a bit like Tea in the Park but with less Aussies 🙂

So my weekend was a realistic treat. I was there to celebrate the final chapter in my just-turned-30 party month, relax and try not to think about work related stuff (which can be hard at an event).

On the other hand, my mates complained a bit about cops, dogs, security, fences, ATM that didnt take Commonwealth and the ferry aspect/no cars-if-camping, but they were on a negative trip to start with as a result of the $25 parking fee (which prob should have been included in ticket price if camping)

The fact that there was a smaller group of people helped with the community vibe when things got ugly with the cops/security. For example a group of punters were bouncing one of those big blow-up balls around near the main stage and got heat from security for having too much fun. I think one got ejected. Sheesh!

But despite all that, I had a rockin time and would seriously consider going back if they hold it again.

I hope your friends don’t give up cos there were a lot of magic moments and truly happy people at that party. Playground SHAT all over Good Vibrations in a big way.

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