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Posted by walking rek on May 15, 2007 in living rek

Tuesday nite TV sux.

Hence this entry.

Highlites and lowlifes of modern history shall thus be recorded… at least to keep Dazzlebatz off my case about being a tardy blogger (not that he can talk!)

– I love The Mighty Boosh. That shit is hilarious. Not sure which one I’d shag first, but Howard Moon is a damn fine slap bass player and I’m rather smitten with his mo’. On the other hand, Vince Noir pulls some sexy shapes and I dig the way he doesnt even try to act. The Boosh is a riddle of wacky wardrobes, random dancing and clever story telling. It has won me over big time. On the cover of the DVD there’s a sticker with a quote calling the Boosh “Hip, sexy and magical”. Giddy up. I’m half way thru watching the first series for the second time. I’d even go so far as to suggest that the Boosh is the new myspace. Nicey nicey zoo zoo for me and her and him and you.

– Went to see The Black Keys at the Enmore on Sunday nite with Dazzlebatz. Now that was one fine gig and a half. The support acts included Bob Log who was dressed in a real space cowboy get up with LED piping around his collar and a full face fighter pilot helmet with inbuilt vocoder mic. The main event was mad. The Black Keys delivered their soulful rock blues to a packed house. We pushed our way down to right of centre on the dancefloor after leaving our dash for position to the last minute. Darryn was worried that people would think him rude cos he is tall, but I had no qualms about that or pushing in. To the front! To be honest I dont know why most of the crowd even bothered with a dancefloor ticket cos they just stood around with their arms crossed for the majority of the big set. Yawn. I took the opportunity to get ma groove out and shake it all about. It felt GOOOD 😀 My back is still sore today though from all those reverse body rolls. Mighty fine music and decent production made the Black Keys a sweet suprise for a girl who thought she’d be spending Sunday nite at home ironing.

– CJ has moved out to a new share house in Balmain. It was always going to be a short term scenario and it served us both while the arrangement lasted. I will miss his singing, the endless river of quality wine and his full set of Global knives. CJ left behind a great kettle that I love and a couch that I dont really want. The hunt is now on for a new flatmate.

– I bought a new mop! It appears that there has been some major developments in this basic household item since I last checked 20 years ago. Got me one of those snazzy super mops with magic fibres and a matching bucket with cute foot pedal. I like.

– On the same household purchase mission I also invested in some fish. I already had the bowl and pebbles from a previous stint at breeding fighters, so I just had to get the fish, the plant and the food. Got me 3 x black fantails cos black absorbs negativity, 3 is lucky and fish move energy around. I like a lot. Peggy ignores them. She hangs out with her friend the mouse instead.

– Had birthday drinks at Nic’s on Friday nite. We are starting up a music club whereby everyone invited brings along a CD, either new or old, and shares their favourite tracks. I guess its just like book club, but better. Nic played Bloc Party and some Irish chick called Roisin someone produced by Herbert. I dug ’em both. I contributed Betty Davis “This is it”. Fiona didnt bring anything, and Greg was an impartial observer. We got pizzas delivered from the gourmet joint under Lane Cove Woolworths. Delish!

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