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Posted by walking rek on Jul 17, 2007 in living rek |

Ok, time for me to come clean.

My attention has been drawn to the distinct lack of trashy tales on this here bloggerooni. When I started this up back in Feb I had grand visions of punching out witty anecdotes of gig reviews, technicolour spews and designer shoes on a weekly basis. But alas, as you can see by the barren walls of this blog, I havent been terribly diligent about sharing the gritty details of my little city.

As my loyal public, you should know that I have dropped down a gear on the Wheel of Party. I have shelved my Friday Form at least until late Spring. Sorry. I do intend to step up again come warmer months, but for now I am trying something different. I have gone back to school and as a result have no fckn time to party and run amok let alone compose wordy and narcissistic poems to myself.

I’ve been spending my Saturdays moonlighting as a conscientious student. Whilst this state of being has never come naturally to me, I have found once again that the best disguise is to pump yourself full of some caffeine product and hover through the day like a bumble bee. In conjunction with spectacles and a prepacked lunch, I have fooled my teacher and classmates into thinking I am one of their brainy brood. I even stage a few well rehearsed moments of clarity on cue to keep the game going for my own amusement, so it aint all doom and gloom.

But, beware. I almost blew my cover a few weeks back when I rocked up feelin seedy after an extended sesion at the Duke the nite prior. Heavy duty. I am pretty sure there were some suspicious side long glances in my direction when my head made contact with the desk on the way down. Needless to say I think I pulled it together and have resolved to never, ever load up the nite before. Class is hard enough without a hangover. Even when you have done your homework.

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Jul 18, 2007 at 2:00 am

Sorry about the Duke thing, me and my sloriness are to blame there. You are a good student, nowadays whenever i want to go out for a beer you are studying like a nerd.



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