stale mate

Posted by walking rek on Apr 21, 2007 in living rek |

There comes a time when you have tried your best to be diplomatic, compassionate and courteous. When you have exhausted all efforts of politeness and communication. When your attempts to take the high road and be a better person despite all odds is ignored.

When your open attitude to making things better is thrown back in your face with a fisftfull of hate. When your counter part prefers to prolong the conflict and sabotage all paths to resolution. They enjoy the static. They enjoy disharmony. They want to see you cry. Sad sods themselves.

I slipped today. I yanked the line when the bait was hurled. I am not proud of my retaliation, even though it felt good in the moment, automatic.

May I be stronger next time, and all the times after that.


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