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Posted by walking rek on Jun 11, 2010 in living rek |

after another brief yet remarkably smooth transitional period i moved in with nick padlock, my brother’s best mate and total dude. our place has room to swing any number of cats with heaps of sun light and oodles of positive vibes. other appealing features include real garden, inpirational kitchen and designated bike room. hallejulah. no more metal pedals in the shin en route to the front door.
my commute via push bike has been extended to 90 min round trip, daily, bar torrential rain. another big plus. my cardiac fitness is loving that extra effort. coupled with solid asana practice 4-5 times a week and the odd extended session on the slab, i am feeling very stong and flexible indeed.

 i will need it with the upcoming physical and mental tests of india and nepal: i may be called upon to out run a rhino, stare down a bengal tiger or pull myself out of a mudslide/earthquake. given that temps will fluctuate between 33-48 celsius for my inaugural trip i am half considering doing some bikram to get in the zone.  it wasnt my original plan to go during monsoon but heck thems the cards i got dealt so i’m going.

and coming back.  we got  snow peas in the dirt.


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