Pass me the Allen key

Posted by walking rek on Sep 7, 2007 in living rek |

Alas today I got a touch of the single street blues.

Went to IKEA to fix the perpetual problem I have with clothes management. Surrounded by couples n families. The stuff I wanted to buy was really heavy and I had a lot of trouble getting it in to my trolley and then into my car. Had to enlist the help of random guys who were like “Dont u have any one to help you with this?”. Uh uh. Sooo embarassing. Their wives/girlfriends all gave me this “How pathetic” look. It was the Bridget Jones moment I have been dreading. That miserable song “All By Myself” was even playing over the inhouse PA system. If I wasnt choking back hot tears of humilation I probably would have found the scenario deliciously amusing.

Needless to say I will get over it by morning, and I now have 2 big sturdy chests of drawers THAT I ASSEMBLED MYSELF!

Something to say for being good with instructions 🙂

Does Freedom have a more single friendly vibe? I’d be interested to find out. Shall keep u posted…


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