slore no more?

Posted by walking rek on Oct 14, 2007 in living rek |

I got hit on by an extremely cute lad last nite. Had to turn him down despite his obvious interest in me and his endearing persistence. He was 22.

This may come as a bit of shock to my dear readers, but I havent often rejected offers of casual sex from handsome gents in the past (probably because I am usually the upfront one ;). My checkered relationship history has meant that I’ve spent as much time being single as I have been someone’s loyal girlfriend. Its an even 50/50 split. In saying so, the opportunities for exciting encounters with random strangers during the “on” season have been ample. I am, after all, the adventurous type.

My recent decision to stay at the party with my friends rather then disappear into the nite was almost a first. I am puzzled by this change of heart, enough so to blog about it. And potentially muddy my rep in coming clean. But the question perplexes me more then my dirty laundry. Why didnt I run with the wolves? He was totally hot this guy last nite, and bold which I like. It may have been the age gap, but that hasnt really bothered me in the past…could it be the onset of premature menopause???

The likely truth is that I am more interested in a long term partnership then one nite stands these days.

Maybe I have this subconscious theory that if I refrain from casual carnal delights then Mr Long Term No Kids (maybe)  will roll into my life sooner. Part of me wants to believe this fairy tale.

The more realistic part of me knows that life is often unfair and that I may be single for some time yet despite my self inflicted oath of celibacy. There are a lot of hot guys in the world. It would seem wasteful to ignore chemistry and passion between 2 free agents…

Damn, I didnt get his number!


Today my facebook horoscope apps had this to say:

“This is a great time to throw yourself passionately at the next attractive opportunity.”


“Heartwise, you can expect to live an encounter with someone young and brilliant who will fascinate you.”

Well, I guess we can safely say that my timing was well and truly OFF this weekend LOL!


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